Farah Abualia 

Co-active Coaching Farah Abualia

"Farah guides with an elegant grace. She keeps me calm, allowing me to explore my journey with safety and peace." - Nourah

Co-active Coaching Farah Abualia

"Co-active coaching with Farah has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I learned how to truely harness my strengths." - Sarah

Co-active Coaching Farah Abualia

"I felt supported by Farah at all times, regardless of what my decisions were. She allowed me to realize things about myself I never knew I had in me, giving me more balance and a wider perspective." - Aida




Coaching for individuals looking to tackle a personal challenge or improve an area of their life


Coaching for individuals in a business environment wanting to strengthen performance and improve collaboartion


Coaching at a special student rate for students looking to overcome personal challenges and improve an area of their life

Co-active Coaching

Coaching is an art of structured listening that allows you to be seen and heard. We will explore your state of being to shed light and bring awareness to how you are feeling and thinking today. When we establish this, the next steps will be about designing the path to where you want to be. 

Coach and client work together to bring issues at hand to a conscious level of understanding which then enables us to move forward towards manifesting your new reality.

For more on co-active coaching, please visit www.thecoaches.com/why-cti/what-is-co-active 

Tap into different states of consciousness to expand your mind and potential.

Demo Coaching - Karen Kimskey-House

About Me 

Co-active Coaching Farah Abualia

I used to think that people were looking for an answer from me when approached about life's struggles. As a coach, I am now able to give people what I think they are really looking for - a space to be heard and seen and tools to help them find their own answers. I find a passion and a purpose in my work that I am very proud of. It is because of the great energy this work gives me that I dedicate my attention here, allowing this energy to grow for me and for those I work with.

I'm always eager to encounter a new soul, and I find a true pleasure in working with you towards your goals.

I look forward to a journey with you!

Farah Abualia

Professional Co-active Coach


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